100 years before the great war

After loosing his group of toa to the Makuta he traveled to find more toa like him that could help him fight the Makuta. He fell inside a volcano and fell in hyper dream instantly.

Spherus MagnaEditar

hundred years later Lhiukan woke up in the volcano where he had pass the last hundred years, he traveled to spherus magna only to meet the toa who gived him a warm welcome, he was very confused, he explained the toa why he was in spherus magna

The Toa told him he had pass hundred years inside a volcano in hyper dream and that every one he knew was likely to be dead. Sad but knowing he had a porpose asked the group of Toa what they where doing in Spherus Magna. Takanuva took a mask out and revealed it to be Mata Nui´s mask. Takanuva told him they were trying to revive an old friend and clean Spherus magna from the Skrall, Rahkshi, Vahki and Piraka that were free throughout the desert of Spherus Magna. He decided that his next mission was to join the Toa and help them in their honorable mission.


Magma Sword 001

Espada de Magma

la espada de Magma es una legendaria espada que fue usada por Vulkanus en el pasado y despues de su despertar en Bara Magna. sus abilidades especiales son lanzar lava de su punta, cuando alcansa su maximo poder se vuelve lo suficientemente caliente como para convertirse en una super nova lo suficientemente poderosa como para destruir todo a su paso si cayera en las manos equivocadas o puede ser controlado si su dueño es de corazon y mente pura y la segunda es permitir a su dueño surfear sobre aire, lava, agua y protodermis fundido.