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this is a body that the original makuta made to himself when he returned from the dead. Even though he has an army he still has not recover his power and he would need to recover his mask of shadows to recover them.


Post Spherus Magna BattleEditar

Makuta took over the dead body parts of other makuta minions that died during the battle and builded a body to himself. he went to the different cities that where builded after the battle and attacked some of them but he knew there where to many toas (now masters of the elements) and titans and he hadn't come back with all his powers so he would need to go find some minions and he knew that the Makuta, Piraka, Rahkshi, Vahki and Scrall that had escaped the war had regrouped somewhere in the undergrounds of Bara Magna and he thought he could use them as his minions to build an army but he had to get the mask of shadows to recover all of his powers before attacking the new city of the matoran and glatorians.

Rise of the MakutaEditar

After he got his powers back, he armed his empire using the Rahkshi that where left, The Skralls and The Skull Spiders to get revenge for having been destroyed years ago, Makuta made three Makuta minions to aid his army in the destruction of the new land of the Toa. One of the Makuta went rogue on Makuta and quited his place in the Makuta Army joining the Toa giving them information on Makuta´s plans.

After Makuta second attempt to attack the Toa and the city had failed miserably he knew someone in his troops was betraying him and he began looking for suspicious henchmen but no result leading him to become more violent towards his own army


Makuta still uses the double staff as the one in the first movie